Hey there, I'm Arielle!

Your personal hype girl behind the camera.

I'm a full-time photographer and freelance graphic + web designer with a private studio located in Downtown Bay City, Michigan.

I've been shooting and designing for nearly a decade now and photograph all areas (aside from newborns).

Boudoir offers something special for me though, other than simply bringing creativity back to photography for me - I finally got sober after five years of trying in March of 2024, and with that came a self-love journey. I came to terms with the fact that I disliked almost everything about myself when it wasn't being drown in alcohol, and started taking steps through therapy and other forms of self-care to find love within myself.

It's a journey everyday still.

And boudoir helps me give a little bit to other women's self-love journeys. I watch you uncomfortably step into the studio, but we open up to one another during our time together, we laugh, we find what makes you confident. And by the end of almost every shoot you're ready to keep going.

It's my little piece I can do for someone no matter where they're at. And every client helps me more than they know in return as I continue down my own.

I can't wait to share space with you.