Referral Program



Spreading the love is always rewarded!

Help your best gals, have a boudoir experience like yours!

We can all agree that boudoir photography is personal, so it's important that you trust your photographer. Following your experience, I want to reward you when you send your closet friends to my studio.

Word of mouth is by far the best source of new clients for this niche.

So, I have developed a referral and reward program especially for you! Here's how it works:

  1. You tell your friends the need to have a boudoir session done.
  2. I ask all new enquiries if anyone referred them. If they mention your name, I'll record that.
  3. They book and complete their boudoir session with Arielle Roth Boudoir.
  4. Most important reminder - they MUST mention your name at the time of enquiry for it to qualify.

How to earn credits after your session?

  1. Send your girlfriends a Facebook message
  2. Word of Mouth
  3. Email about your session
  4. Invite them to my private Facebook group
  5. Send them a link to your client spotlight if you agreed to one.
  6. Give them one of your "Lucky You" cards provided at the end of your shoot.

For You:

  • A $50 credit you can use for a future shoot or on purchases at your reveal appointment, credit earned after your reveal can be applied to additional purchases or future shoots.
  • There is no limit to how much you can save / accrue, the more friends you refer - the more rewards you receive!
  • Credits are applied to your account once your friend's boudoir session is entirely complete - I will notify you that a credit has been added.

For Your Friends:

  • A $50 discount on their booked session.

  • A new client can only mention one referring friend's name. At this time, if you have been referred by two clients, you will need to choose one to allocate the credit to.
  • You may only receive one $50 discount per boudoir session.