Detroit Packages & Booking

All boudoir packages include 45+ images delivered in both color and black & white, print release, digital albums, and are available for payment plans.

Payment Plan Options:

All packages have the option of the following payment options, once a date is selected we will discuss your selection to setup your payment schedule appropriately.

Full session balances are due within seven days prior to your session date.

Want to pay your entire session cost at the time of booking so you're all set? You got it.
50 / 50
50% of your session cost at the time of booking, the remaining 50% will be due seven days prior to your session.
$100 + Payment Plan
Pay a $100 deposit and we'll figure out your payment structure for even payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly leading up to seven days prior to your session.

Why are your Detroit packages more expensive?

Detroit pricing for packages is a bit higher due to several factors that ensure you get the best experience possible, and create an easier day for you. Traveling to Detroit involves additional expenses like transportation and accommodation for myself, which are factored into the cost. Plus, shooting in the city means accessing exclusive and unique locations that add a special touch to your photos but also come with higher fees unlike my studio space in Bay City. Lastly, my commitment to bringing top-notch equipment and offering personalized attention in a vibrant city like Detroit means you’re getting exceptional quality and service. So, while the pricing might be a bit higher, it's all about delivering a truly memorable and luxurious boudoir experience that’s worth every penny and easily accessible!