The Questions

What made you decide to do a boudoir session?

I have wanted to do one for awhile but was so apprehensive. I saw a friend posted a few of her shoot so I messaged her with some questions. I have lost 50lbs since Jan 1st, and needed some more help with my body image so I pulled the trigger. Plus I wanna make an album for the man as a gift.

Please rate your overall experience during your session.

1 million. It was such a great experience! I was so relaxed from the moment I walked in. It was not uncomfortable or awkward at all. I felt like I was a friend from the first minute I was there.

How did you feel BEFORE having your session?

I was so nervous and scared. I was going back and forth for months on if I should or shouldn’t. I even sat in the parking lot for 20 min before going in trying to calm my nerves. I had had a few conversations via messenger and it made me more comfortable but I was still so nervous.

Were you comfortable during your session? How did I make you feel?

I was so at ease and relaxed. From the first hello I felt so much more calm and my anxiety just kinda faded away. Getting my makeup done and feeling pampered was the icing on the cake. I felt like you took the time to get to know me before I got there and what I may or may not like. I was smiling the whole time and I loved that you showed me shots as we did the session. It really boosted my confidence.

What was your FAVORITE part of the session?

Seeing and feeling my confidence level increase during the session!

How did you feel AFTER your shoot?

I felt confident, proud, and courageous. The experience helped me embrace my body, and boost my self-esteem and self-image. Felt like the Queen that I am.

What did this do for your confidence? Did you discover anything about yourself that you didn't know was there or forgotten?

That I had more self confidence then I thought. I saw myself in a different light in regards to showing more of my sensual side. Seeing how beautiful I truly am.

Any advice for other women consider doing a boudoir session of their own?

Go in knowing that being nervous is totally normal. Step outside of what your “normal” is and have fun with it! You will be surprised at how much fun you have and seeing yourself in a different light.

"What an amazing experience I had with Arielle and my boudoir photoshoot. She was so professional and made me feel so relaxed. I was so nervous going in, but as soon as I walked in the room, you could feel that all go away. It was such an inviting atmosphere. Everything from getting my makeup done to the huge client closet was perfect! Cannot wait until my next shoot and proud to be an Arielle Roth Boudoir Model now!!"