The Questions:

What made you decide to do a boudoir session?

To boost my confidence and to support another small business 🫶🏼

How did you feel before your session?

Excited! However, this wasn’t my first boudoir shoot so I knew what to expect (for the most part!)

What was your favorite part during the session?

Arielle was willing to try new things and seemed excited to be there with me to create unique, talented photos!

How did you feel after your shoot?

Even more excited to see all of the photos! From what I seen just on the camera screen, I loved everything!

What was your overall experience?

Absolutely! I loved that you listened to the vibe I wanted and ran with it! It was just mazing! Arielle made me feel so comfortable and made the whole shoot fun! Your creativity shows through your photos. From one artist to another, you’re doing amazing!

What did doing this do for your confidence? Did you discover anything about yourself?

It reminded me that my body is a temple and I should love it from every angle!

Any advice for other women considering doing a boudoir session of their own?

I feel like every woman should do at least one boudoir session in their lives. It’s such an uplifting experience! I’ve done two now, and I feel more comfortable in my body and want to show it off now!

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