Miss J. and I have crossed paths for a few years now, but I'm not sure we had ever really chatted prior to her session. Her husband and I had worked together in the restaurant industry for four-ish years.

When she walked into the studio, I knew her session would be a blast. She gave off such an excited (though admittedly, she was nervous) energy that was contagious.

And even though she was a little nervous before our shoot (who wouldn't be?), Miss J. was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots.

My favorite part of my sessions is the long-term relationships I build with my clients, our time sitting and chatting, and the all around fun. Her boudoir session was full of it all...and great photos, because, what a babe!

The Questions:

What made you decide to do a boudoir session?

I’ve always wanted to do one but I’ve held back stating I wanted to be in better shape. But who knows if that will happen and c’est la vie!

How did you feel before your session?

Nervous, nervous as hell.

What was your favorite part during the session?

Being your Guinea pig with new poses, trying new things together made it so comfortable.

How did you feel after your shoot?

Happy but utterly exhausted, you put me to work!

What was your overall experience?

10/10 5 stars 100%
The small talk especially made it so comfortable.

What did doing this do for your confidence? Did you discover anything about yourself?

It did a lot for my confidence! It’s been hard to love this body and this helped.

Any advice for other women considering doing a boudoir session of their own?

There’s no reason not to.

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