“Did we just come best friends?” - Brennan, Step Brothers

That’s how it felt as I got to know Miss J during her session. You know when you meet a person and you’re eerily the same? That was her. And I connected with her reasoning for her boudoir session in many ways. She had been debating on doing one for a while after losing 40 pounds. On the flip side, I had done one when I was 30 pounds heavier to boost self confidence then, it’s what made me fall in love with this niche of photography.

We have a few mutual friends and had met in passing, but hadn’t ever had the chance to just sit and talk. And while you’re not necessarily sitting during your session (expect a lot of bending and to be sore the next day), we do tend to get pretty personal during our sessions. Let’s be real, you’re trusting me to photograph you half naked, we talk about it all.

Keep reading to learn more about her experience and why you should do one for yourself.

The Questions:

What made you decide to do a boudoi session?

A confidence booster after losing 40 pounds!

How did you feel before your session?

…nervous as hell.

What was your favorite part during the session?

Seeing the photos as we went along really boosted my confidence because HOLY CRAP, I did not think I looked like that!

How did you feel after your shoot?

Like a total badass.

What was your overall experience?

It was AMAZING, 10/10! You were so warm and welcoming, it made me so comfortable!

What did doing this do for your confidence? Did you discover anything about yourself?

This was an amazing experience, I cannot believe how much sexier I feel!

Any advice for other women considering doing a boudoir session of their own?

Just book with Arielle immediately.

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