Finding confidence is key for your boudoir session, and a little bit of glam never hurts on that journey. Some prep work leading up to the day of your session can help ensure that you look your best in your photos.

Keep in mind, I do basic touch-ups, but ultimately I want you to look like, You're beautiful exactly as you are, and I want you to feel that way when you get your photos back.

Use the following tips to make sure you're prepped to not only look your best the day of, but also feel your best.

1. Track your monthly cycle? Let's plan around it!

Boudoir sessions are all about feeling empowered and your best. And I'd love to say you're wonder woman if you're booking with me during your cycle, but chances are you probably don't feel your best, are maybe I little crabby (I don't judge, I PMS too), and potentially bloated. All aspects that aren't going to help boost your confidence on a day you're already nervous.

If you're someone who tracks your monthly cycle, let's aim to schedule you a week after your period when energy is at a high. If something happens to get desynced, we can always look at other dates to try to rescheduled.

And I always have midol and tampons handy at the studio if needed!

2. Stay Hydrated

Healthy, glowing skin will come across in photos and make you (and your features) pop! It's essential in the weeks leading up to your session that you're caring for your skin and drinking plenty of water. Here are some of my recommended products and how often to use them:

  1. Hydrating Cleanser - Daily
  2. Moisturizer - Daily
  3. Sugar Scrub - 1 to 3 Days a Week
  4. Body Butter - Daily

Drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping your skin hydrated, other tips include:

  • Avoid salty foods as they'll cause you to retain water
  • Stay clear of caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, and refined sugar as much as possible
  • Apply your face lotion a few hours prior to your shoot
  • Use a clear deodorant
  • Plan to get 7-8 hours of sleep the night before

Lastly, wear something loose on your body when you arrive - pack all your lingerie and other items separately to bring with you. Tight clothing items can leave indents on your skin that we won't want in your photos!

OH, and take your hairband off of your wrist. 😉

3. Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

Please note the key word there is UNWANTED. Girl, if you like to be au natural, please, please, please embrace that hair and don't shave for your session!

For those shaving - plan to do so the day of your shoot.

I encourage those doing so to exfoliate beforehand (see my favorite exfoliator above), to use fresh razor blades, and use a shaving oil when you shave. Here are my favorite shaving products:

  1. Sugar Scrub - 1 to 3 Days a Week
  2. Shave Prep Scrub
  3. Moisturizing Shave Oil
  4. Post Shave Mist

For those that prefer waxing, schedule your appointment at least a few days before your shoot to avoid any blotchiness or skin irritation.

4. Wash Your Hair the Day Before

Plan to wash your hair the day before and keep it clean. Any products that may increase greasiness or flakiness should be avoided...along with trying any new colors right before (imagine if you hate it...yikes).

Use a volumizing shampoo on when you wash and volumizing mousse when you blow dry.

5. Don't forget about your hands and feet!

I'm fairly certain I'd be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I reminded clients (of all shoot types) to think about their fingernails prior to a shoot. But, it's an extra important detail for boudoir.

Your hands and feet will be in the majority of your photos. And your hands are going to be photographed close-up along with guiding the eye to other features of your body. Take the time to either apply fake nails, or a fresh coat of polish the day of your shoot.

If you're opting for polish, choose a neutral shade or one that you know matches all of your outfits.

It's a little detail that will make a big difference in your final photos.

6. Go Bold with your Makeup!

I totally recommend going heavier than normal with your makeup. Between studio lighting and editing, it'll appear softer in photos than it does in real life. Lashes, bold lipstick, and glam makeup will draw attention to your eyes and lips which you WANT with boudoir photos.

Sessions are more of a workout than clients typically expect, so waterproof makeup can be a smart way to go as well.